Which Switch? 1Gb or 10Gb

MIX_Flag_ButtonWe’ve spent 10 years with 1 Gbps Ethernet connections, isn’t that long enough? Internet traffic grew from 150 Exabytes of data in 2009 to 245 Exabytes in 2010. By 20125 it is projected that there will be 1 billion new Internet users resulting in 1000 Exabytes of traffic through 15 billions more connected devices. How could our 1GB connections possibly keep up? With 10 Gbps Ethernet controllers and adapters set to pass 1 Gbps by 2014, it’s time we moved on.
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Open Automation with Fluid Data Architecture

Usa_Flag_ButtonIf you already are utilizing Fluid Data architecture, you know it gives you more control over your business’s data. It allows Dell Compellent network storage to manage data at a more granular level and putting the right data in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost.

However, how does this apply to Networking?

Until now, Networking infrastructure was the most static component of a datacenter. If you had to change or install a device, you first needed to check the firmware level, possibly update it and, install configuration before going into production. This may seem simple when applying to a single device, but a tremendous burden if managing multiple ones.

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“¿Cuánta agua cabe en un vaso?

Spain_Flag_ButtonLa respuesta a esta pregunta dependerá de si su estado es sólido o líquido, puesto que en este último caso la cantidad será mayor al aprovechar mejor el espacio y distribuirse por todo el recipiente.

Lo mismo ocurre con los datos que manejan nuestros equipos. Con soluciones de almacenamiento como Compellent, adquirida recientemente por Dell, la clasificación del contenido es automática y racional. Los datos no son considerados como volúmenes “sólidos”, sino que son administrados como si de agua se tratase, es decir, se hacen más fluidos para aprovechar de manera más eficiente el espacio disponible en el almacenamiento.

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